We’ll put you in a position of knowledge before going into corporate and personal tax planning, shareholder issues and disputes, financial reporting, strategic planning, settlement of transactions or any other situation that requires a clear understanding of your company’s value.

We’ll provide a comprehensive, realistic and understandable analysis of your business’s key financial variables, risk factors and value drivers that you’ll be able to confidently defend, as well as practical advice for addressing areas of concern.

As Chartered Business Valuators, our valuation reports conform to the Practice Standards of the Canadian Institute Of Chartered Business Valuators.
Get an unbiased perspective of your company from an experienced financial advisory team that has evaluated hundreds of sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, franchises and enterprises across almost every sector.

Why make an appointment?

  • Your shareholders want to know where they stand
  • You’re planning your exit and need a succession plan
  • You think you’re paying too much in taxes
  • Your financial reporting isn’t where it should be
  • You’re considering issuing stock options
  • You’re facing expropriation
  • You have a merger or acquisition opportunity
  • You’re in need of a reorganization
  • You have regulatory filings that need to be made

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Managing Director SVA
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Segal’s valuation team can help owners, C-levels, managers, boards of directors and professionals make better business decisions and achieve their strategic goals.