What is the most effective way for me to capitalize on tax opportunities to grow a business? How will my estate planning be affected by changing laws, rules and regulations? What are my tax obligations when conducting business abroad?

Our experienced group of tax experts can help you navigate complex tax issues with comprehensive solutions for cross-border and domestic tax matters. Engage a knowledgeable team that can provide advice and solutions for all taxation matters.

Segal’s tax team can help you establish a tax strategy for:
  • Minimize corporate, personal and trust taxes
  • CRA dispute resolutions
  • Planning the future of your estate and assets
You can count on Segal for effective planning and expert advice for clear, concise tax solutions.

Contact one of our specialists today and let us help create a practical tax solution suited for you.

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Tax Partner
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Tax Partner
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Tax Partner
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International Tax

  • Designing and implementing cross border tax strategies
  • Planning for inbound and outbound investments
  • Canadian and foreign tax filings
  • Expatriate tax services and tax equalization calculations
  • Non-resident executive compensation tax planning
  • Canadian departure tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • Canadian tax planning and optimization structures for international real estate investors

Commodity Tax

  • Transaction advisory
  • CRA audits and dispute

Estate Planning

  • Advice on will planning to avoid family disputes
  • Succession planning
  • Effective use of life insurance
  • Minimization of probate taxes
  • Trust planning
  • Estate freezes

Taxation Advisory

  • Corporate reorganization
  • Shareholder remuneration
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • SR & ED and other federal and provincial tax credits