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Zero-Emission Vehicles

Since March 19, 2019, companies that purchased zero-emission vehicles (such as an electric vehicle) have been able to benefit from attractive tax incentives. In Bill C-97 (first budget implementation bill of 2019, second reading of April 30, 2019), the Canadian Department of Finance added two new depreciation categories for zero-emission

Valuation Reports Are Not All Equal

Once it is determined that an independent valuation is needed, business owners and legal advisors are often unsure what the deliverable should be to meet their needs. When a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) is engaged to act as a valuation expert where there is an expectation of independence , the

Tips for Accounting for Restaurants

When you are running a restaurant, it can be easy to focus on the food and hospitality and brush off accounting a,s a secondary task. Like any business, however, you are looking to gain and maintain a profit, and good accounting systems are crucial in order ensure your success .

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