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Managing Transfer Pricing Risks and Their Impact In Uncertain Times

The world as we know has and continued to rapidly change because of COVID-19 and the ongoing political developments such as the upcoming elections in the United States (US), the United Kingdom’s (UK) impending exit from the European Union (BREXIT), trade wars between economic superpowers, and climate change, among other

Employee Home Office Expenses

In light of Covid-19, many employees have had to work from home for a large portion of the 2020 calendar year.  Therefore, there is the possibility for employees to claim a home office deduction in calculating their 2020 personal taxes. Ordinarily, if an employee maintains an office in their home,

Personal Real Estate Corporations (“PRECs”)

Are you in the real estate industry who is interested in reducing your current taxes? Have you considered using the profit from your business for other investment purposes? If so, incorporation may be right for you. As of October 2020, Ontario real estate agents are allowed to operate their business

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